Hi! I’m Carly.

I help brands create their narratives, connect with their customers, and grow their reach.

What’s your story?


Choose your adventure.


The Warrior’s Path

Every warrior’s path to fulfillment is a long and winding one, with challenges along the way. This is the story of how I found marketing and changed my life.


The Tinkerer’s Gallery

Whether it’s a marketing automation journey or a chocolate cake, I love to create and build things. Select this story to learn more about my portfolio of work.


The Adventurer’s Journey

What comes next and where will I go? Learn more about my upcoming plans as well as previous adventures.

The Story of A Successful Marketing Strategy

Setting the Scene

Setting the scene for your strategy includes getting to know the hero of your story. Hint: it’s not you - it’s your customer. Learn more about your customers and their stories through thorough research. Find out how they consume information, and what life is like for them. Before we begin the quest, let’s establish our key performance indicators, goals and priorities.

Navigating the Plot

Or, How Not To Be the Villain of Our Customer’s Story. After getting to know our hero and their story, we should be ready for our adventure. Determine how to successfully become a part of your hero’s story without interrupting their lives. Create honest messaging that our hero can trust. Bring value and avoid becoming the villain with a marketing interruption. Our marketing strategy will help us anticipate the plot twists and cliffhangers while continuing to grow our brand reach.

Finding the Happy Ending

The quest is over (or, perhaps, just beginning). The hero has found what they need, and our brand has successfully won over a new customer. Let’s review our story to find out what worked well and what didn’t. The great thing about marketing is that you can always rewrite your story to change the outcome. By measuring our key performance indicators and comparing progress toward our established goals, we have the tools we need to write our next chapter.