Let’s write the story of your brand together.

I. Strategic Planning

Sometimes knowing where to start is the hardest part. Together, let’s sit down to understand where we have been, where we are, and where we want to go. This will help us determine how to get there in style.

  • Campaign strategy

  • Conceptualization

  • Market research

  • Project management

II. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation depends on an understanding of a buyer’s journey toward purchase. Automation helps to see the journey as a whole, rather than a siloed focus on each tactic. Using tools like Hubspot, Marketo or Marketing Cloud, let’s create a journey that fits into your customer’s story.

  • Buyer journey mapping

  • Campaign building

  • Landing page development and strategy

  • Digital marketing and print fulfillment integrations

III. Digital Marketing

Everyone’s online, but no one wants to see an ad. How will your brand find its place in an oversaturated space? Get the story heard at the right time by the right ears.

  • Social media marketing

  • Community growth strategy

  • Search engine marketing

  • Display network advertising

  • Email marketing

  • Re-marketing and retargeting

  • Pay-per-click marketing

IV. Event Marketing

Building face-to-face connections will always play a vital role in any marketing strategy. We will brainstorm ways to spend your event budget wisely while still making an impact.

  • Research and qualify worthwhile events and speaking engagements

  • Negotiate event packages to maximize spend

  • Track and measure event success versus spend

  • Event display and cosponsored activities

V. Content Creation and Distribution

Tell your brand story through interesting content that focuses less on selling your product, and more about how to solve a problem for your customer. Be a trusted source and a leading voice in your field.

  • Video production

  • Podcast production

  • Blogging

  • Guest blogging

  • Guest speaking

  • Influencer relationship management

VII. Design and Print Marketing

Never underestimate the value of a strategically placed piece of mail. Instead of blanket market blasts, put direct mail back into your marketing journey. Create beautiful pieces of marketing collateral that illustrate your narrative.

  • Marketing collateral design

  • Swag design and swag vendor management

  • Visual identity and style guides

  • Direct mail integration into marketing journey

VI. Report and Revise

Does any of this work? Yes. How will we know what works for us? Report, report, report. A story may be what motivate us, but revenue keeps the lights on. We can move the needle, but only if we can understand where the needle points.

  • Custom reporting dashboards

  • Monthly and quarterly analytical reporting